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                National high-tech enterprise of national Torch Program projects

                About Us

                Leading technology    The national brand

                Zhejiang zhongte machinery technology co.,ltd is an enterprise who specialized in developing,producing and sales label printing machines.

                We are recognized as national high-tech enterprise through new government standard, the enterprise for State Torch Projects, Zhejiang Province High-tech SMEs. Company emphasis on the recruit of the international top-notch people and has abundant technical power. Based upon global sales and marketing network, relying on the strength of high-tech and adhere to the development strategy of "Be a science and technology Ieader, to create the national brand", company became a well-known Chinese enterprise in printing machinery industry.


                Zonten always understands the importance of technology innovation, focuses on intellectual property rights and has a strong capability on R&D.


                In recent years we have developed new generation of dual function of in-termittent and full rotary letter press, a multi-function modular flexo printing press and intermittent offset printing press. We were granted for 15 national patents and also had won Technology Award of Zhejiang Machinery Industry several times which is a remarkable achievement. Our main products: intermittent offset printing press,flexo printing press, high-speed fully rotary letter press printing machine, label die cutter, label slitting and rewinding machine, label inspection machine, etc.


                The company implements modern enterprise management system and information management system.


                Who has passed the authentication of IS09001: 2000 quality management system, passed CE certificate for EU countries. We are now fully applying ERP management and 6S management systems. Zhongtian holds the managing philosophy of 'Win with quality and success by professionalism". Our products are sold well in domestic market and exported to Europe. South America, Middle East and Southeast Asia more than 80 countries and regions.

                Corporate vision: to become a leader in label printing equipment

                Enterprise mission: to provide the full set of labels solutions

                The spirit of enterprise: dedication, struggle, pioneering and innovative

                Core values: no executive power, will not be competitive

                Enterprise's goal : the people-oriented policy to sprit high efficiency. value the talents and show trustworthiness.

                Enterprise policy: Excellent quality and perfect service and try to be the best

                Business philosophy: rely on staff management enterprises, rely on technology to improve the quality, relying on quality to win the market, relying on innovation for development

                Bao Jianfeng from sharpening out, after several years of careful temper and build, Zhejiang zhongte machinery technology co.,ltd
                industry has made remarkable achievements, set in a myriad aura, won various awards.
                Honor is not only a business card on behalf of corporate identity, and is a symbol of strength of enterprises






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